When in try to plug in my USB Drive in now thinks it is a Cypress AT2LP RC%*

I got this from Cypress

Has anyone ran into this, and did this fix your  Disk

I really need the data off of this disk…

The contents of the EEPROM attached to your hard drive has been be changed or disappeared. The hard drive works along with a configuration file stored in an EEPROM (which is not a Cypress part), which contains your hard drive manufacturer’s Vendor ID(VID), Product ID(PID) along with other information mentioning the capabilities of the hard drive. The EEPROM might have lost its contents as a result of a power surge, loss of power or turn-off of the computer by you at the wrong moment.

When this happens, we recommend to follow the steps below mentioned. It is not guaranteed that the solution will work and for which Cypress won’t be responsible.

  1. Download and extract the file Configuration.rar on your PC.
  2. Contact your Hard Drive manufacturer for getting the VID and PID.
  3. After getting the VID and PID, open the Blaster utility present inside “PH-1003 EE SW” folder.
  4. Click “Read From File…” button and navigate to the file PH-1003.iic stored in Config_Files folder. It will fill different fields in the Blaster utility.
  5. Click on General Device Desc tab in the Blaster utility. Modify the idVendor and idProduct fields with the values you got it from the Hard Drive manufacturer.
  6. Click “Write To File…” button and overwrite the PH-1003.iic.
  7. Go to the device manager and find the Cypress AT2LP by typing devmgmt.msc at Start->Run in your PC.

Did it work for you?