When I change a video filename, it appears twice, both under the old name and the new

When I alter the titles of my videos, WDTV shows the file both under the old name (now a non-existent file) and the new name as well. Reading here, some suggest unplugging WDTV causes it to rescan the library, but others say that doesn’t work. I would like some advice before I do anything please, as apart from this, everything is fine. (I have a simple uPNP DLNA network share, WDTV Ethernet wired to my laptop). Does anyone know how to force WDTV to refresh its media list, please?

Why don’t you try it ? it’s not gonna hurt

personally, i would reboot the WDTV Setup > System > Restart
or if that does not work … clear and rebuild the Media Library (in the Setup menu again)
or if there are any .wd_tv folders anywhere … delete them and reboot

anyways, there’s a few things to try … don’t worry, the WDTV won’t explode doing any of the above :wink:

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