When downloading videos from MyCloud to my phone (Android) the videos are saved as .jpg files

Up until about a week ago. I was able to access my hard drive via the MyCloud app find any video that I have stored in my drive, tap it and then tap on “save to mobile device”. Then the video would be saved on my phone in a folder in my photo gallery where I could play it. For some strange reason now when I tap on “save to mobile device” the video saves with the file extension of .jpg in front of the real video extension for example: 123456.mp4.jpg which creates an error and there’s just a grey image with a giant exclamation mark ! saved in the folder and I’m unable to play my videos on my phone. Anyone experience this?
I started looking more into it and I went to the My Files folder on my phone located the same “image” (which is supposed to be my video) and was able to edit the name. Take off the .jpg extension and was able to play the video there but when I went back to the file in my Photo Gallery I was unable to play it or rename it there.
Both the MyCloud app and my Hard Drive are up to date. The app is running 5.16.105 firmware and so is my HD.

Update I had my girlfriend install the MyCloud app and downloand a video. It worked just fine.

I alsl tried to uninstall the MyCloud app as well as restart my phone and no luck. :frowning:

similar thing happened to me, its on jpeg. what to do?