When browsing flingo player freezes

when browsing flingo …player freezes and you cant do anything…the only option is to unplug the unit. please fix.

I have been using it for a few hours with out that issue. Can you give a little more detail as to when it froze?

it froze once for me when i was testing…

i was playing a video…got disinterested so i pressed the BACK button…went back to the menu but wd tv live became unresponsive…so had to remove power and restart…

I *thought* I had that issue.   When browsing, I hit the BACK button (to exit) and it took about 20 to 30 seconds before the UI responded.  

well for me i just was tryin it out to see what the new features did and clicked on flingo , then clicked on fox , then was playin a clip and when it was done i was trying to browse more clips and the unit was unresponsive. and happens every time i try to browse in flingo. again the only thing i could do was unplug unit. i love the new additions but there are a few bugs that still need worked out.

As Tony, mine seemed to lock up when browsing Flingo channels but after tapping the Back and Home buttons it recovered and I ended up at the Internet Media screen. Took around 20 seconds or so. Definitely needs to have some bugs ironed out but I’m VERY impressed with Flingo, love watching TED Talks and they have a bunch of HD episodes. :slight_smile:

Please include your model number of the unit you are experiencing these issues on.

i am having the same problem my unit is wdtv live hd, model #WDBAA0000BK00. i am also getting some “video playback errors” anyone else experiencing this.

now, completely off subject a little. i have a internet capable vizio tv and they just added a “Media video” app. this is run by flingo. i am supposed to be able to “fling” my desktop (Videos on my hard drive) to my tv. can i fling my videos to the wd also. just curious because i can access then through network shares .

Yes, the WD units also support Flinging content from either your desktop via the Flingo Desktop client or from a Fling enabled Web Video player.

Checkout  http://www.flingo.org. You can also fling youtube videos through the YouTube Social player  http://www.youtubesocial.com.

The first time I also got this was when browsing the channels

I got it a second time when trying to back out of a playing video

model numer is WDBAAN0000NBK-NESN 


how do i identify a “web video player”?

From a web video player such as at www.youtubesocial.com you can press the Fling icon which is located in the upper right corner of the player to fling the current playing video to the queue of the Flingo application for later viewing. 


If you go to a webpage that supports flingo and press the flingo button it will transfer the video to the queue page of the flingo menu. You can play that video on your TV. Basically you need to have the WDTV on and it will be recognised as a flingo device by the webpage.

See it work here.


It should recognise your device if switched on and showing on your network.

Press the Blue play button. The Big Buck Bunny video will now show in the queue menu of the Flingo app on your WDTV. select it and play on the video on your TV.

I am able to fling videos from youtube, is it possible to fling  other internet videos. if yes pls let me know how ?

Mine as well. Network streaming is gone with this update. I watched a file last night perfectly, updated this morning and now that same file cannot play (or rather does and is very stuttery with no sound).

Also I tried Flingo with and after watching a single clip (I rewound and fast forwarded (something weird going on there) and then press back followed by home) it managed to crash the system. Just hung. Not even the power button would work. 

On the bright side, I love the ACCUWEATHER app.

“Posted same message in another thread, this is just to acknowledge the Flingo problem”

Hi, I’ve had my WD TV Live unit for a couple of weeks now.  I am also experiencing the freezing issue.  Unlike others who wait 30 sec for it to come back,i pressed the back button thenI just left mine and came back to it about 30 minutes later.  No luck, it was still frozen.  As another user mentioned, the only way to get the unit working properly is to unplug it.  Model number for my unit is: WDBAAN0000NBK-01.

the same problem with flingo, its quite useless for me now because its always freezing! plays about 15 sec and stops, again plays and stops.

I have a problem: I installed Flingo on my PC, I have Flingo installed on my WD Live Hub, but my pc is keep saying “No Flingable devices were found”…I shut down the firewall, but still not working…am I doing something wrong?