When are 1.5TB and 2TB portable hard drives (My Passport) coming?

I bought a 1TB portable hard drive about 2 years ago, and I’ve been waiting for a capacity upgrade but NOTHING new or no evolution has come with portable hard drive.

Other brand such as Seagate or HP have been had 2TB portable hard drive for months now, how come WD, a so called leading company in external hard drive selling, is so late ? 

I feel you dude… 

pretty sure WD has something on the oven…  just have to be patient :neutral_face:

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Not officially from WD, but look what I found:  My Passport 2 TB

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No you’re right and it’s actually an “official” since it’s exactly the same dimension and design, it’s on Amazon and here are the reference of the manufacturer  http://www.pcsuperstore.com/products/11480257-Western_Digital-WDBY8L0020BBKNESN.html

So WD has been discretly selling 2TB USB3.0 portable drives but not listed on their website!

Why is that ? 

Still didn’t get an answer…

Augure wrote:

Still didn’t get an answer…

I hope you are not expecting some one from WD to come here and say " ok we will have it next month" 

This is an user forum… and frankly it is not that cool when you already now what your competitor is getting done…

we know is coming… we just have to  wait…

I’ll keep using my old passport until the good news arrive

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