What's the problem with wd2go.com?

I’m just about reaching the end of my rope here with this issue that seems to have no resolve.

I own a WD EX2 and a My Book Live units.

I have made all kinds of attempts to logon through the wd2go.com page in order to map and use my share on my pcs.

This was not an issue in the past.

I was able to maintain my quickbooks company file in a share which is then mapped on both pc’s. at work and my home office. this has allowed me to work at both sites and keep the company file up to date regardles what location i was working at. that was a beautiful thing. but now all of a suddent, no access to my shares using wd2go.com and wd has no workaround to this and support has been useless. no replies to my emails etc…

has anyone found an answer to this? my fingers are raw from googling the issue and no one seem to know.

I would hope for a Desktop app that would allow mapping to the current remote location.

Perhaps implement this in the WD My Cloud desktop app.

Maybe Add “Map Share” to the right click on WD My Cloud desktop app. I’d be happy with that.

I guess WD is NOT the way to go.

Any info would be appreciated, this includes you, WD.

Thank you.

Wd is the worst company to go with for NAS. I only found out to late after spending a grand on an ex4. If the ex2 is anything like my ex4 you can’t access wd2go to map drives. It will let you log In and see the drive but when you click map shares it directs you to a page to download the app. You need to have Remote Desktop enabled and access share folders this way.

I will be making the jump to synology because wd doesn’t get it. I advice you to do the same. This is not a product for mass usage it should still be in beta testing

Ok, I’m a bit confused.   AFAIK, the EX2 never supported www.wd2go.com; just like the EX4.  

I’m surprised to hear you say that it used to work — are you sure??

I think the primary reason for it is that the EX2 and EX4 don’t need it – they support DIRECT connection via WebDAV – no need for the www.wd2go.com account or helper application or java or any of that other problematic stuff.

Just read in the manual about WebDAV and connect directly using the Built-into-windows WebDAV mount/map.

thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. i am new to this and im trying to teach myself.

i also apologize for not being clear before. my first purchase was a wd my book live 2t personal cloud.

i was always able to map my shares for almost a year after purchase and now i can’t. its weird because it makes no difference which browser i use. probably a java issue but why this hasn’t being addressed is beyond me.

the ex2 is my current purchase. bought it about 2 weeks ago. in all fairness i have enjoyed the 2t model quite a bit but now with the dissapearance of wd2go it has become a media server.and not much more. why did i think the ex2 would resolve some issues…well, call me a glutton for punishment…lol.

im sure there’s more to the ex2 and with your suggestion i am going to try and setup webnav. i’m kinda of a layman when it comes to this tech stuff but i need to get this going and i’m gonna have to learn it…lol

thank you so much for your input. have a terriffic day. 


i agree. it looks like wd is not the way to get a small business server going. at least not with this inconsistency and down services. they were down for practicaly a week. there was no access to the units at all.

thank you for your input. i will look into synology.

i’ll post back with results.