What's the difference between My Cloud EX2 and My Book LIve Duo?

I have a My Book Live Duo and am thinking about expanding my capacity. I see that the thing-of-that-sort that is prominent on WD’s website now is the My Cloud EX2, which looks to be similar.  What exactly are the differences between these two? This was asked before, and the answer was in Spanish. I can read the Spanish OK, but all it did was point to some feature lists that weren’t technical.

Also, is the My Book LIve Duo still available, or has the My Cloud EX2 replaced it?

Read the two manuals to see what’s different.

The EX2 will very likely be the replacement for the Duo.  The Duo has been shipping for almost three years.

The EX2 is not a replacement for the Duo… stay tuned.

It is different from the aspect that the feature set is more geared towards prosumers.It has a higher end processor, new My Cloud software support and supports adding drives in a driveless sku.

Not earth shattering…