What's inside a 4T live duo?

Can’t find clear answers on the site…

And as the model doesn’t appear in the proposed list for email support, i have to ask here.

I’m quite interested in a WDBVHT0040JCH and I would like to know:

  1. is it 2 WD red disk inside ?

  2. when they say 4T, is it 2 disk of 4T, one backup on the other, or 2x2T ?


  1.  There’s multiple possibilities.   Some users have Red drives, some have Green drives, and some even have Hitachi drives (WD owns Hitachi GST.)

  2. If it’s a 4T NAS, it contains 2x2T drives.

My MBL Duo 4 TB originally had 2 x 2 TB Green AV drives. I have since changed that to 2 x 3 TB Red drives. Last I knew, the 8 TB MBLD had 4 TB Hitachi “Cool Spin” drives. At the time there were no WD Red or Green 4 TB drives. Those are available (Red) and probably will be soon for Green, so the innards of the large MBLD’s may change.

Because the MBLD is passively cooled, it really needs the low power consumption drives.