What's going on with "Brand New wd My passport" drives being only 4800 RPM?

what’s the reason for degradation with WD my passport drives ?

i bought a wd my passport last week and it showed only 4800 rpm on crystaldiskinfo and i immediately booked a replacement…

i got a replacement today, and the replacement which i got, again, it’s a defective product which doesnt match up the description shown on amazon (5400 rpm)

Genuine (Bought it on 2020)

not Genuine

Country of origin : Thailand

Thailand manufacturing team is fooling people who doesnt perform HDD tests on newly bought disks which is minority… The Packing and presentation done by Thailand team is excellent however they are compromising the wd company’s reputation by producing cheaper disks like this.

i have currently escalated the issue to amazon where they told me they will investigate the issue and contact me again on 29 August, 2022…

See order details

i am not going to use this “My Passport” drive as i am planning to get a refund for this… For a change, i will buy the wd my Elements 5 Tb to see at least if they are 5400 rpm… So disappointed.

whenever i used to buy a wd HDD, i used to have a greater joy on the day while im about to receive it, Now, i lost the joy, i am now only overthinking “will the product be genuine ? or will i have to deal with the hassle of replacement and returns ?”

Even if the prices go up for 5400 rpm drives, im ok with that but please don’t compromise on the performance in an efforts to save manufacturing and product costs.

Thank you.

Hi @Arun07,

Please contact the WD Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I’m just a everyday WD User and don’t work for them … so

If the situation happened to me, i would try other HDD Diagnostic Software eg. HD Tune, HDDScan etc

And see if they report the same RPM … just in case (for whatever reason) CrystalDiskInfo is reporting the incorrect RPM for the Brand New WD My Passport.

If you try several other HDD Diagnostic Tool Softwares and if they ALL report the same 4800RPM on the Brand New WD My Passport … then, yeah, i wouldn’t be happy either and wouldn’t be purchasing from Thailand and spending a little extra to get the drives from somewhere else.

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As my 3rd and final attempt, i’m buying “My Passport Ultra” HDD to check whether if it makes a difference

I can see they have clearly advertised as 5400 RPM

Let’s see whether spending that extra 1200 Rs makes any difference in getting a genuine product…

I’ll update here when i get it (i will most likely get it by tomorrow itself)

@JoeySmyth HD Sentinel Reported the same (4800 RPM)