What type of drives in wd cloud single 4tb drives

hi these single unit drives are useless and to be honest I regret ever buying them,i found out after it was advertising Plex on its drives to discover some ■■■■■ has decided that the single drive units SHALL NOT be able to access plex, have looked at all the workarounds to be able to access my movies which I spent two months loading onto these drives ( I Have two stored on same network in different places in case of fire or theft) we have them in safe places and the idea we could access them anywhere in the world. But plex no longer works with these drives? it does if you setback the firmware something I don’t wish to do in case I make some bricks, I have seen some drives that advertise plex and will work with plex, so can someone advise what type of drives are in these units and can I put them into the nas drive I am looking at buying to replace these useless bricks I was misold by wd adverts, yes I am angry and so would you be…so my cloud have what drives in and I hopefully will be able to transfer them to the new drive or is it best to transfer the data first?

Since you posted in the WD Software section and didn’t identify what product you’re talking about, we have no way to help you.

Please provide more info.


Do you have a My Cloud or My Cloud Home?

Below information is for the My Cloud.


It’s the only unit that does not have access to Plex

My Cloud single disc 4 tb capacity

Every other unit has access to Plex the reason I purchased them for ! all that fancy advert showing how well they work with Plex to find out they no longer work as they updated the firmware and stopped it you cannot load ANY apps onto this device unless you backtrack the firmware and use certain software to load plex. Alas I have two 4 tb loaded with movies its such a mess and waste of two months work and really really bad customer service I will never buy any of their products again

I’m not sure where you’re getting your information, but the single bay My Cloud NEVER supported the loading ANY additional apps, Plex included.

I don’t recall that WD ever advertised Plex support on the Single Bay My Clouds.

The My Cloud HOME is the first single-bay NAS that DOES include Plex, and came on the market late last year.

@papagray It helps to know what device you own and how to find information on it if you don’t have any. Here are some links for more information on WD Products.