What type of drive is in the WD My Cloud?

I have the white, 4TB WD My Cloud drive. It’s an older model.
I have had many problems with my computers losing connection the performance being slow.
I decided to buy a Synology housing and go that route.
Does WD use Red drives in the My Cloud enclosure?
I was thinking maybe I could just remove the drive and install it in the Synology box.

The older v3.x/v4.x single bay My Cloud units primarily used WD Red drives as far as has been reported in this subforum.

There are several YouTube videos one can search for that detail how to disassemble the single bay My Cloud enclosure to get at the internal SATA drive and remove it.

One may want to review the following thread to try and improve copy/performance speeds if one has not done so already.


What particular performance problem are you having?

If Twonky media server related then see the following thread if you haven’t done so already.


Well, just now I wanted to check something from my Windows PC at home. The WD drive is showing a red X and it says it is inaccessible.

I am able to view the drives with the iOS app just fine and it also seems to be working fine on my MacBook.

However, last week I was at work and needed something from the drive so I tried to access it via the app and it was offline. I had to remotely access my home PC and access the drive setup page and reboot it TWICE before I was able to access it from my iPhone.

I plugged in a 1TB USB 3.0 drive into the My Cloud. I thought I’d copy over my music library onto it. It’s coming from a wired Windows 10 PC and the My Cloud is also wired to the router.

The music folder is about 212GB (there are music videos in there too) and it took something like 10-12 hours to copy over.

Take a look at this. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/wd-my-cloud-3-tb-network-hdd-review/3/

Thank you for that.
I may not use the My Cloud drive in the Synology. If it doesn’t work out to be a better solution I’m afraid it might be difficult to re-install the My Cloud operating system on the drive again.

Just do a search for “unbrick” in this subforum via the magnifying glass icon upper right of web page. There are a number of unbricking threads. It doesn’t take a lot of time and is mostly straight forward if you can follow the directions and internet search terms or actions one is unfamiliar with.