What to expect when adding a SECOND Live TV/Hub..?

Hi… used to post as AdmiralXizor but lost access to the old email… oh well, good to be back!

Anyway, I just got a new place and a new TV for a media room.  I LOVE my Live Hub, and am thinking of adding another one and networking them through a powerline adapter.  

I currently have a Live Hub connected directly to the TV, and a powered hub attached to it with two 3TB hard drives.

My questions:

  1. Should I get another Live Hub or save money and get a Live…? I don’t really need the space; I’m just wondering if the Live TV plays a smaller number of file formats.
  2. Do I need any special tweaks/settings to see the HDDs I have attached to the Live Hub, or do they show up on their own as separate sources?
  3. What about video folder art?  I spent a lot of time manually adding folder art to each movie folder (don’t bother with the media library feature) and would hate to only see green folder outlines on the second TV?

Anyway, those are my main questions.  If you have any other things I should look out for, please let me know - the unit worked flawlessly out of the box and I want to continue the experince…!  

Thanks in advance for your input!


you can use WDTV Live Streaming media player. If both devices are within the same network (Workgroup), you will be able to access and play your files.

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Cool.  Thanks for the quick response… 

Three more follow up questions:

  1. Do I need to do anything special (in Windows) to set them up as the same workgroup, or is simply having them on the same network and using WD Link or something all I need to do?  Can you point me to a tutorial or something…?
  2. What about thumbnails, etc.?  Would they look the same on the second Live Hub as the first? (I use Gallery View now - love it)
  3. Right now I have my secondary USB hard drives plugged in directly into the first Live Hub.  Would I be able to navigate to them simply (from the second Live Hub) by attaching to the first one, or should I connect them to a PC, then set up a specific share or something, and do it that way?  What do you suggest?

Thanks again for your input - I’m going to make a move on this over the weekend, I think, if I have a fairly good idea of what to expect…