What to do after unfortunate formatting


I recently purchased a WD My Book Essentiel 2TB.

I was trying to use it with my Panasonic Smart TV, and in that proces the ext hardrive needed to be formattet. NOw I cannot get it to work on my laptop, due to the missing setup files

I tried downloading WD Smartware, but the drive is locked! - When accesing “Computer on Windows 7 BD-ROM drive (F:) Unlocker, when I try to run it, I get an error message saying: " You must run the Unlock application from the WD smartware CD associated with the drive you want to unlock. Click Exit, locate and open the related WD smartware CD, and the run the Unlock, to unlock the desired drive”.

Problem is, I never had a CD, I assume the drives were preinstalled or something on purchase, and that I deleted them, during formatting.

I am a novice in this technical game, is there nowhere I can retrieve what I’m missing to unlock my drive?

Please help!

Well… You don’t need the software on the drive to be able to unlock it

if you want to download again get it from HERE