What the heck? Upgraded and went backwards

I upgraded my Essential to the latest firmware and Smartware to Since then my drive won’t connect unless I actually either open Smartware or turn off/on the drive. It used to connect automatically w/o opening Smartware but no longer. I have turned everything off and back on, I have rebooted several times since the upgrade. When I reboot, the tray icon shows “Discovering…” forever unless I open Smartware.

In addition, for some reason after the upgrade Smartware decided that there was nothing on the drive and (re)backed everything up even though I’ve had the drive for 6 months now. How is that possible?

Hi dude!!

If I were you, I’d run a test under drive settings… Sounds like a bad drive to me.

Better to prevent than to regret!

Its sounds like you are not using the original computer you installed smartware on.

If so you would need to reinstall the ses driver and reetreive the files from your previous back up