What television to get to watch stuff from my WD TV Live Hub?

I have a WD TV Live Hub connected to a D-LINK DIR-825 Wireless N Router. I’m connected through Ethernet cable, though, so is my PC.

I want to purchase a gift for my Grandmother for Christmas… a LCD or  LED television in the 40" to 49" range, and hopefully not the most expensive models out there.

What model should I look at to play the video of various formats from the WD to the living room? I’d buy some other cheap device if I have to. I just don’t want to remove the WD from where it’s at because Ethernet cable is the way to go. WD **bleep** on wireless. Ever since switching to ethernet I’ve had not one problem or complaint.

I saw some Vizio models have built in Wireless N. I also saw they have a browser that can browse a USB memory stick and view JPG, play MP3, and MPG… but MPG only… so it worries me that  if I can browse the WD it won’t play the video.

I probably need to look at a wireless video transfer thing? If so, then what model is good for low price?

WD **bleep** on wireless

I probably need to look at a wireless video transfer thing?


So hows things going to be better on a new TV. What I’m saying is you agree it has to be hard wired but you are wanting to use wireless for your Grandmothers new TV, not only that you want to use some sort of dongle to transcode it. I think you need another plan, or you may be wasting your money.

No. It will be hard wired into my router. I just want to find a device or television to be able to browse a network share and play all the files. So, the WD unit will work fine since it’s on cable… the television will be wireless to the router.

I have a Panasonic TH-P42ST-30A  which is DLNA Certified  (Look for TV’s with this)

Pressing the “Viera Tools” button on the remote then selecting “Media Server” on the TV …

I can play everything off the Hubs Internal HDD.

(Formats ive tested on the Panasonic are Mkv, Mov, Wmv, Avi, Mp4  these a HD files as well)

Oh and, running “PS3 Media Server” on my PC is also recognised by the Panasonic TV Media Server.

Hey thanks. I’ll look into DLNA and Panasonic. So, how does the television connect? Is it wireless?

I also saw those Roku boxes. Maybe one of them will do the job as well.

>>>  I also saw those Roku boxes. Maybe one of them will do the job as well.

Roku is a totally different animal.  I have both units – both are great.  Grandma would find it easier to operate, BUT, you need to know more about the Roku before you go out and buy one.  In many cases today, it duplicates what new TVs can do (i.e. stream Netflix, and other common streaming media. ) www.roku.com

Hey JoeySmyth,

I have a WDTV live hub hard wired to my router. Soon I will have a Panasonic TXL37E5E (DLNA certfied) TV. The TV will also be hard wired (via powerline) to the router.

If I don’t get it wrong, I will be able to view and play my mediafiles off the WDTV live hub + ex. HDD (usb connected to hub) on my new TV (what is what I expect with this TV) ?

Did I get it right ?

kind regards :smiley:



I had never tried it … until now :smiley: 


Yes it works ! 


I have attached a 1TB WD Elements USB HDD


Pressed the “Viera Tools” Button on the Panasonic Remote then selected “Media Server”


The “WDTVLiveHub” appeared on the TV under “Media Servers”  select “Videos”  “By Folders”


And i can see and play content from both the Internal and External Drives.

3 Things to Note:

  1. Yes, the Panasonic support wireless (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX)

  2. If you have DVD ISO’s … forget it   (Not Supported … well, not even recognized) * SEE CODECS

  3. Plugging the WD ELEMENTS HDD directly in the TV’s USB works fine as well :smiley:(My Panasonic has 3 USB’s but only 1 of them works with HDD’s … the other 2 are for Flashdrives,Dongles,Charging 3D Glasses etc.)

Your TV Specs (Mines 99% indentical apart from some 3D codec support)

• Video Codecs     :     MPEG1 • MPEG2 • MPEG4 • DivX® • WMV9 • H.264 (MPEG4 AVC) • Motion JPEG (MJPEG)
• Formats               :     MPEG2-PS • MPEG2-TS • AVI • DivX® Plus HD • MKV • MP4 • ASF • MTS (AVCHD) • MOV • VOB
• Audio Codecs     :     MP3 • WMA • AAC • LPCM • ADPCM • AC3 (Dolby Digital) • Dolby Digital Plus • HE-AAC • DTS Core