What speed should I expect?

I have connected a new 2TB mycloud to my router using supplied cable. All set up and running.

The router has 40MBs fibre and supplies 38MBs wifi over 802.11N.

Large file transfers from laptop to mycloud hdd over wifi is running at around 8MBs and small files at around 200KBs.

Is this all I can expect?

Don’t confuse units.   “40MBs” means 40 megaBYTES per second; that’d be an odd description of internet speed as internet speeds are always listed in megaBITS per second (40Mbps).  

Windows, when copying files, reports megaBYTES per second.

Is your router’s switch ports 100 megabit per second or gigabit?

If 100, then the speeds you’re seeing are about right for large files.

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