What size file is to big?

I am trying to transfer some movies from my desktop to my my book live so I can view them from my tablet. Each time I try it says transfer failed. These are like 2gb files. Shouldn’t I be able to transfer those via wifi no problem? Any ideas?

And you’re doing ordinary Copy/Paste via a network share?

No, there’s no limit to file sizes.   The largest possible file would exceed the size of the disk.  

Drag and drop. Is there a better way?

Take a screenshot of your desktop when it happens and post it.

That’s not regular drag and drop, it appears you are using the desktop app.

Instead of using the app, map the folder to your desktop then drag and drop. 

See here for mapping network drives in Windows 8:  http://windows8themes.org/networking-how-to-map-network-drive-in-windows-8-for-quick-access.html

Alternately, you can select “Network” (in Windows) and select the MBL and drag and drop the files to the folder.

Thank you so much. I did not even think to do that until reading the above post. Sorry Im a litle new. This is way better than the desktop app.

Can I traser multiple 2g files at a time? Or will that really slow things down?

Yes you can, but speed will depend on whether you are copying them as one process (as in select 2 files then copy both at the same time) or if you copy them separately.

If you copy them as one process, then speed should be about the same, if you copy them separately then speed may be slower.