What processes are being used off my WD external?

Hello forum friends!

Just wondering, Im running a DAW (or music production software) on a PC and the program is installed onto the C drive but the other elements that allow mixing, such as VSTs and effects etc only work when my 160gb WD external drive is plugged in and running. The actual effects and their sourced destinations are set into folders on the C drive and being supposedly directed from there, but there must be some missing hardware keys (dongles) etc that are being sourced off the harddrive since maybe i had it in when loading the program or transferring the setup files etc…

So my question is, anyone know how I can run a scan when the program is running to see where its sourcing its info from… very general idea for a specific thing I know, but I cant seem to see a difference in processes as I think it might just be some small files not processes that make the difference…

Mad love for someone with the time to ponder this query! thanks heaps, id love to run the effects etc without the harddrive in as its old and a bit tempremental  



Difficult to know, in your case I would check the help file for your software, to see if there is any configuration currently active that might need for an external hard drive to be connected.