What Operating System is EX4100 and CVE 2020-0601, 0609, 0610, 0611

We are trying to make sure our Ex4100 is up to date on the new CVE 2020 advisories (specifically 0601, 0609, 0610 and 0611).

Could someone please let me know if these advisories effect the EX4100 and what operating system it runs? From my reading, I believe these advisories only apply to Windows 10 and Windows Server 12, 16 and 19 machines.

If these advisories do apply to the EX4100, how do we update the NAS. We have downloaded the latest firmware (last night), but is there anything else we need to do?

Thank you

CVE only affect Windows systems. Most NAS like QNAP and WD NAS run on cutting down Linux operation system. Just made sure you update your laptops, computers if they running Windows OS with the latest patch.