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 Hello everybody!

 I recently brought a HD Caviar Blue of the WD. The model WDC WD5000AAKS. I brought him in about of 2/3 weeks ago. I sadly have to say that I don’t see so much diference from my older STM3250 of the MAXTOR, I’m sorry, but I will tell why. Mainly because of the startup of the Windows that continues so slow and after installing the updates of the Windows, the performace got worse.

I have a good PC, look:


 CORE 2 DUO E8400 3.00GHZ




 I don’t know why he takes 1min and 25secs to be ready to use (after all updates of windows), and the thing that surprise me is from the health of my HDD shown on a software of defrag. Take a look:

HD health.jpg

Did you can se on the table? The column of “current” and “worse”? “Read error rate” the current is 200 and have the worse too!!! :dizzy_face:

 Why that? I have broght this HD on a 2/3 weeks ago… :frowning:

I have made the correct installation seeing the video here on the WD website. I made all steps with extreme caution.

 And the startup take so much time, the most time was 2 minutes to be all ready to use. In other PCs of my friends take 37secs… 18secs… and on the most fast take 13secs with a low system specification. One of they have a Pentium Dual Core E5300 and another have a Core 2 Duo E7100.

 So… what can I do?

 I brought here in Brazil! This is reason to exchange to another model and go for warranty?


Please run the Western Digital DLG tool, you can download the application from wdc.com

Let us know the results.


Hi Nesvic

 So, I made what you asked. The only thing I get is the “pass” on the side of the Quick and the Extended Test, but no log or something. And the same thing of the “Worse” that I have mentionned above,