What is this connector on HDD PCB?

Hi, I have a few 6TB WD Red harddisk (WD60EFRX), and I notice there is this odd protruding connector on the PCB. I tried looking it up on google and multiple forums, and have not seen any reference to it. I have not found a single photo online showing such a connector. Even WD own HDD specification sheet does not show such a connector.

Does anyone know what is the connector for, what is its name and use purpose?


My first guess is that’s a diagnostic port or some other “engineering” level additional connector.

What’s the pedigree of that drive? Does it show up in the WD Support website when you plug in the Serial Number?

I suspect you got sold hardware that was never supposed to see the light of day; such as WD disposing of internal testing units using a third party that was supposed to recycle them and sold them in shady third party deals instead.

One thing is certain: I’d never use them. For one thing, they won’t mount in any NAS trays I’ve seen, and probably wouldn’t fit in with other drives adjacent to them in an array because of the close clearances.