What is the SMP actual wi-fi speed?

I have a router  NETGEAR JNR3210
When copying files to the player via cable, the speed is 100Mbps.
When copying via wi-fi, the speed is 50Mbps.
Is it normal speed for a player wi-fi connection?

Hi oldman777, that looks about right.

Thank you Ichigo.
Had never used the SMP via WiFi.
Assumed the player WiFi speed 300Mbps.
Turns out in fact 150Mbps.

50 Mbps is a pretty decent real-life speed for a 150 Mbps Wireless-N adapter. With a 54 Mbps Wireless-G adapter, you can get up to 25 Mbps in real-life, under optimal conditions.

how is this solved, all the info above is wrong

the WD is

N @ 2x Mimo = 300 max

but it can only connect to whatever your router is broadcasting

so if your router is broadcasting N on a 20mhz instead of 40mhz, then you are limited by your router to 150

KAD79, For me speed is 50 Mbps when router broadcasting N on a 40mhz,
and if router broadcasting on a 20mhz the speed down till 30Mbps.
If I understand you correctly,
your SMP USB drive can be copied files via WI-FI 100Mbps real speed, on a 40mhz?

yes, if you search for bandwidth_test on this forum you’ll find some actuall network test from me, I think hightest throughput I ever achieved was approx 120 mbps over NFS

but there’s a lot of factors that effect wireless networking,

so if the signal is poor due to distance or wall obstructions, improperly set up, etc …

then throughput will vary