What is the most compatible drive management option?

I have 2 disks of 8 TB each. I would like:

a. To have 16 TB of space
b. To keep the possibility of reading each disk (separately) at another computer (just in case 1 of the disks breaks down and need to use the files that remain at the other one)

Which option has best compatibilty? “RAID 0”, JBOD or spanning?

Thanks in advance!

JBOD. But then you don’t have 16TB – you have 2x8TB.

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JBOD. It will create 2 volumes. One for each drive. Then when you create a share you choose which volume (drive) to put it on.

With the 8TB drives you are supposed to use a larger power supply.

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I didn’t know.
Do you know where can I find more information about these power supply requirements for two 8TB drives?


Here’s a quote from an email that was from WD support:

“I would like to know if you have found the 48w (12v x 4a) power adapter in order to know if the issue is fix.”

I was told by them over the phone to go find one. I guess they haven’t released them yet. The one currently shipping with the EX2 Ultra is a 36w 12v 3.6amp power supply.

Luckily I had one that worked lying around. I’m using a 12 volt 65 watt 5 amp power supply at the moment.

Contrary to what the review says, WD doesn’t currently offer the 48watt power supply on their website.