What is the latest firmware that still had hulu, etc on the wdlive?

I’ve lost hulu on my system from a firmware upgrade. I know that its because I am currently in Canada but travel back and forth between Canada and USA.

I would like to get my hulu service back for my unit but I can’t seem to get it to work.

Was using latest firmware - 3.07 something…

Downgraded to 3.05.10 but still nothing.


I’ve tried the downgrade and resetting factory settings in the menu options but nothing.

Do I need to go further back in downgrades?

PS this is dumb. I shouldn’t have to do this. Terrible move WD. 

Disregard I got it to work. I would delete the post but I don’t know how!

I have the same problem. How did you solve it?


How do you fix it?? I have the same problem

fitopardo wrote:

How do you fix it?? I have the same problem

You’re in the US?  If not, there’s no “fix.”  Hulu+ is only available when the WD is installed in the US.

If you are not in the States, you can unlock Hulu, Vudu, Netflix and Spotify by using DNS server in the States. Such service is provided by http://www.unblock-us.com/