What is the "iTunes Server" under "Media tab on a MyBookLive 3TB? and a couple more ?'s

I selected enabled but not sure what it does but since I store my iTunes library on the drive I thought it might need enabled. 

Can anyone clarify what it does/doesn’t do?

Is it good bad?

Not worth it?


What is “Smartware”?

All it does is make the contents visible under the SHARED section of iTunes client.

Here’s what it looks like on my PC…

Ignore the highlighted track – I used this picture to answer a different question in another thread, too.

I guess I don’t really need that since my library is stored on there and saved in preferences to the music locations. 

I turned it off. 

And you have good taste in music BTW! LOL

todd1010 wrote:

And you have good taste in music BTW! LOL

I wouldn’t judge based on only two artists!   :smileyvery-happy: