What is the difference between these my clouds?

So I currently have a 3 year old 2tb my cloud and I’m looking to upgrade to a 8tb my could but I’m not sure what the difference between these two hard drives other than the my cloud home works with Alexa and google assistant. I’m also extremely curious if there is any sped difference between the two or any better as far as it’s internet connection speed. These are the two that I’m looking at.If anyone could tell me the real differences between the two I would really appreciate it.



Since you already have a My Cloud, you are familiar with how it works, Anyone who thought the “Home” My Clouds were an “upgrade” from their current My Cloud were shocked to know they are very different and they have been very vocal in these forums. My suggestion to you is steer clear of any My Cloud with the word “Home” in it. For proof of this, just read some of the posts about the Home products here. I suggest you consider My Clouds starting with the EX series and upward and nothing below the EX series.

If one uses the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, they’ll find several past discussions that are similar.

WD created a Support article that covers the hardware differences between the My Cloud and My Cloud Home:


The My Cloud Home IS NOT an upgrade or update to the My Cloud line of products. One should read through the My Cloud Home subforums (https://community.wd.com/c/home-cloud-storage) before purchasing one to fully understand it’s features and more importantly it’s limitations.

There is some additional comments on the My Cloud Home in this discussion:

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Thanks so i was looking at the ex series and while I like the idea the ones with a hard drive but they are a little outside of my price range. But I did find this guy and I do like it but I do need to do some more research because I do have some more questions about.


You did spot the ‘0TB’ in the description, didn’t you? It has no HDDs; you will need to source suitable drives yourself.

Yes I did. That is part of what attracts me is the ability to choose what size hard you want to put in it.

Make sure to understand the implications of RAID settings for the multi bay My Cloud (or similar NAS) units when it comes to choosing drives for empty enclosures. There may be issues if one chooses to use different drive storage sizes (type and brand) rather than keeping all drives the same storage size, type and brand.

Ok that is one of the thing I was trying to look into is do I have to have get a nas drive or can I use a regular desktop hard drive. The other thing I’m looking into is if I cracked open my current my cloud and took the hard drive out and wiped it and reformatted the drive it’s self could I use that as one of the hard drives.