What is the difference between Blue and Green Desktop drives?

I am looking at the WD60EZRX but at the same time i see WD has a 6TB version of the Blue family called WD60EZRZ. What is the difference between them?


The WD Green, has a feature called IntelliPower that controls the RPM on the unit depending on the needs of the PC the RPM will go up to 7200 RPM or 5400 RPM.

That specific model for the WD Blue, runs at 5400 RPM.

Thanks! Which one should i choose if money were no problem?

i would go Blue SSHD

and here is what the colors mean …

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Thanks! But SSHD would only make sense if i would use it for OS and even then i would choose a any SSD over it. If one would only use the drive for storage why would i choose a hybriddrive?