What is the best passport hard drive to buy for the PS3?

I was looking to buy a passport portable hard drive but I dont know the best one to get for storing movies and music and putting it in my ps3. Can anyone help?


I’d suggest one of the WD Elements drives, and not a Passport at all.

But if you’re bent on having a Passport, you may have headaches with any of the models, with the exception of the _ Passport AV _, which was designed for such a use, to avoid all the headaches folks were having trying to use the other models.


For a start get one without Smartware like Elements I would also go to a powered drive instead of a USB powered drive. Also make sure you have at least 2 copies of everything. The forums are full of posters who put everything on one drive with no other copy and had problems. Any HD can fail internal or external regardless of the maker. External drives tend to have more problems with corruption for reasons like failing to remove properly, using on mutilpe PCs, voltage problems which is why I recommend a powered drive instead of a USB powered drive.You will alos have to reformat the drive to FAT 32 for PS3. Here is a little help on partitioning


I have a PS3 and I use a Passport Essential 1 TB, it is one of the new models ( 3 months old), all I did was formatting  the drive to FAT 32, using Partition Magic, this deleted the WD Smartware. I use this drive to play movies and music, I have never any issue what so ever.

Now, this might not work for you, I have read other people having issues with the slim model and the Passport Essential. As stated by   RoofingGuy  the Passport AV is the best solution.