What is resolution to "login timed out" error on EX4 after a backup to USB-connected HDD?

Did a backup of a WD My Cloud EX4 as recommended by Corporate WD idiots. Now I can only access the dash for about 15-30 seconds. Interface closes out with error of “Login timed out”. Subsequent attempts to access reveal that the interface is in mode of a “new” device although it accepts login password that I created initially. Unfortunately, the device continually demands that I read and sign off on the ‘user agreement’ every logon attempt. Interface does not update any transaction.
What a crock of BS!
Addendum: Interestingly, if one of my other networked PCs were mapped to the WD NAS, I can still access the directory structure. If the PC gets rebooted, no access to the NAS anymore…
Again, what a crock of BS to have to deal with after a simple backup to attached USB device! Trying to salvage data by moving directories that I still can access to different locations but this is ridiculous.

Hi @harleyfart01,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Device is out of support. Has been for years.

I’ve come to conclusion, after seeing multiple postings of the same issue that I encountered on other units that were “end of life”, that WD most likely engineered the last “update” to force those devices into bizarre and unmanageable state in hopes of reaping new sales. FAT CHANCE!
I’m wiping out my RAID array, forcing to JBOD, and then going to see if I can force unit back to default OS as when first purchased. Thank God, I was able to salvage all the files from the drives.
Thanks to this experience, I won’t be buying any more WD products. My last good interaction was with a MyBook, single drive. It still delivers; slow, but it delivers and has NEVER screwed up. WD should take notice of how those were made as it appears the standards have dropped precipitously.