What is really causing LAG problems when streaming Movie Files MKV etc?

I’d like to find out if ou think the main reason aside from a slow internet sconnection speed why MKV files lag.

I’ve got 720p/1080p movie files that i stream upstairs to my wdtv live. sometimes i get the hiccups, sometimes i dont.

Is it really the huge file size we are talking about or could it be interent speeds that just arent fast enough.

Thoughts Anyone?

Internet has nothing to do with it.  In fact, internet isn’t even required.

elaborate pls

let me clarify… i meant Wifi connection

I was having problems with videos stuttering and slowing down at first.  I am using a wireless connection to my router.  I used a program called InSSIDer to look at the local wireless channels that my neighbors were using.  I moved my channel to a clear area and then the stuttering and slowness problem went away.  I guess it could have been something else, but when I changed the wifi channel, I haven’t had that problem since.  Worth a try.

i get a message that says inSSIDer requires the WLAN AutoConfig service which appears to be stopped. Please start WLAN autoCOnfig and then run inSSIDer.

How do I do this. I am running Windows 7

Maybe you have to look up how fast your wireless connection realy is. I used a very cheap router for wireless streaming and got less than 25 MBit. For Bluray Remux this can be too slow so I have to use wired network.

Sorry, I can’t help, I installed it on an XP machine without issue. Maybe you can get some help on the inSSIDer forums.