What happened to “Open As” in the app?

I don’t know if this is the right category, I can’t find one that’s specific to the app. I have OS5 (naturally, since WD bricked OS3 forcing everyone to migrate) and I use it to watch shows remotely (on Galaxy S8) that I have downloaded and stored on my WD device. When I would go to open something, the bottom right gave me a menu with an “open as” option. I open it on my device using VLC because it’s superior to the default video player. Just yesterday, I noticed that menu has been replaced with “Save To Device.” Did something update? What happened to Open As? The only way I can find to open a show in VLC is if it’s a filetype that isn’t supported. Is there a way to change the default player in the app?

Before opening the media file, there are three small dots on the right side of the media file, if you tap the three small dots, you will see the menu options. One should be “Open In”