What G Raid Software Will Show AVAILABLE Free Space on the Raid?

Hi, I have a G Speed Shuttle Thunderbolt 3 with 4 14 TB drives in it. I’m trying to find any G Technology software to show me the actual FREE AVAILABLE space left on the array so I know how much more storage I have left available.

The G Raid Software Utility sees the array, but in Disk Array (and in dashboard) it shows capacity of 56TB and Free Capacity of 0. I’m assuming it means ‘free capacity’ as additional space left to configure in an array, which is correct a 0 as all the space is configured. It’s always shown 0. I’m copying terrabytes of data to this and would love to know when i’m getting close to filling up. This replaced the venerable Drobo NAS (loved it but they stopped supporting), and the Drobo dashboard always showed you exactly where you were at in free space in their arrays. Trying to find the same from G Technology. Am I using the wrong G Tech software or looking in the wrong place?

This screen shot shows the Mac Finder “Get Info” box next to the G Tech screen. Mac shows approx 3 TB free space (should I just trust that? - shouldn’t G Technology also know it’s free space somewhere). (Disregard the drive name of Synology, this replaced a Synology NAS, we kept the name the same for file naming compatibility).


Hi @masterbeat,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: