What features do you want ? Vote here

WD has just announced their new Beta program for a new OS version. People have requested many features on this forum over the years. Unfortunately the “voting system” here doesn’t work, so I decided to compile some of the requests in one post.
Of course, what’s is important to me, could be irrelevant for you, so I think a pool system would help them to prioritize what the majority wants.

You can vote for up to 3 features

  • Wake on LAN
  • Allow user to create shell scripts and edit crontab
  • Dropbox-like feature. (sync remote PC)
  • Better file explorer with search
  • “Degoogling” alternatives like photo albums, calendars, and contacts syncing.
  • Static web site hosting like Jekyll and Hugo
  • DVR (connect your IP cameras)
  • Public share with read-only option
  • Updated apps and support to

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You can post your suggestion too. The idea here is to give WD staff an idea of what their customers expect from their products. If you don’t want to contribute and just say “tHaT’S noT The RigHT plAce foR THAT” to discourage people, keep it for your self.

I meant to say “Updated apps and support to docker apps

Hmmm. From what I have seen. . . .I am not as optimistic as you are.

First. . .the outreach effort to the customers a few months back was pretty limited. Second. . .the beta trial is only four weeks.

This information tells me that the feature set was determined before the outreach; and the intention of both efforts was “checkbox engineering”; not really geared to actually effecting changes in the ultimate product.

I am really interested in doing the beta. . . . but frankly I would not want to expose the data on my NAS to unproven firmware. . .for me to participate I would want to buy a separate EX2 for experimentation. That is not out of the question for me. . .but I am balking at the cost.

Note that at the moment; I am not sure if the new units have SMR or CMR drives. . . (now marketed as Red vs RedPro). . . .would not want a unit with SMR drives; so I would need to buy seperate box and drives. . . too much hassle for a beta that I am skeptical about.