What Download do I need for WDMyCloudMirror for iMac OS High Sierra

Looking for WDMyCloudMirror for iMac OS High Sierra software to manage my WDMyCloudMirror from my Desktop iMac, instead of my phone all the time.

When your able to reply, thank you.

I may I believe update my WDMyCloudMirror’s Firmware before downloading the iMac part.
Installing one that’s already compatible with High Sierra would be great, since I can’t upgrade the 2011 iMac any further then it’s current OS.

Regards, And thanks in Advance,

See the WD Support site were you can download the apps or programs for your device.

Because there are two My Cloud Mirror models make sure to select the one that corresponds to your model.

For local network access to a My Cloud device one generally uses Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer. For remote network access one generally uses MyCloud.com, the WD My Cloud mobile app for iOS or Android, or insecure FTP (or similar if your My Cloud model has additional remote/llocal access options).

One configures their My Cloud using the My Cloud Dashboard.

Also, there are dedicated subforums for the My Cloud Mirror. This subforum, My Cloud, generally discusses a different My Cloud model, the single bay/single drive My Cloud which is different than the Mirror.


If your Gen 2 Mirror is running 0S5 see the following subforum.


Thank you I’ll look into this, and see! I can access the files from my iPhone which is up too date! Just want to the same easy access from my iMac.

Thanks again in advance,