What does Smartware do when the drive is full?

Does anyone have any experience of what the current Smartware version does when the drive is full?

The manual seems to me to suggest that  there should be a “Caution message”.

I have just had a problem where the drive is full but Smartware keeps saying “Backup accomplished successfully” without backing up any new files.

Hoping this problem was caused by a previous version or upgrading or stopping and starting the backup, I have reinstalled SW, erased the drive and started the backup again.

SmartWare should give you a message stating that the drive is full… If it did not, make sure that your drive is running the latest firmware and software updates… Mine worked :).

It doesn’t seem to want to produce a warning message for me.

I am currently running firmware 2.018 and software Is this the latest?

To test this I erased the drive, reinstalled smartware and restarted the backup. Once the backup was up to date, I created a folder on the passport drive and filled it with junk so that the drive was nearly full. I then duplicated a large folder on my computer’s hard drive and waited for the backup to fill the drive. When the drive became full, there was no warning message. Looking at the smartware backup page, it was saying “Partial backup accomplished”.

On the plus side, when I deleted the junk folder, smartware seemed to pick up where it left off. Files that it failed to back up while the drive was full have now been backed up. But I could be wrong…