What does reset do?

I think I need to reset my hub, it seems like the codec’s are corrupt as I can’t watch a move all the way through it will lock up. I was wondering if I go into the menu and do a reset will I lose movies stored on internal hard drive? 

Nothing on the storage is deleted when you do a reset.

Thanks for the help and confirmation that I can do a reset and not lose content I have loaded. I have done a lot of searches and can’t seem to really find what a reset does? will a reset force a reload of the software? I ask as I think I have something in the software side that is corrupt as movies I used to play flawlessly (several types) now freeze. they may freeze in the last five minutes, they may freeze one hour in, I just never know. when they freeze it sort of locks up the device, I end up having to unplug it or cold boot it to get it to run again. As mentioned it seems all movies now have this behavior and they didn’t before. 

So do you folks think that doing a reset will refresh the software (and codecs) to correct the bad behavior I am experiencing?

Thanks again!

No, a reset doesn’t do anything to firmware, other than put settings back to defaults. Sometimes a reset will correct issues lie what you describe, but it’s hard to predict.

reset pin hole just removes all the configurations  ( setup and stuff)

dosent erase anything on the HDD and dosent revert the firmware either

probably just erases a config file in the flash or somthing .