What do you think about incorporating hard disk sentinel on our NAS?

lets see if WD wants to amaze consumers and give this oportunity a check :smiley:

Now im running a special hard disk sentinel version foir this kind of cpu ( thanks to developer Janos Mathe)

 (thanks Trancer Fixed)



forget the SSH client for now…

what do you think guys of getting a better explanation than this one

but with this GUI also  (incorporated ) and running hard disk sentinel ;D   help me reach WD minds please :smiley:

i have my private version of hard disk sentinel running on EX4  but i have to log on SSH … i woukld prefer available to everyone and help both WD and Users getting a good functional device

thats my main objective

best regards

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This is a really good idea. It’s a very specific and to-the-point diagnostic.


i need more people seeing this my friend

thanks for your opinion