WHat can WD Discovery see?

I apologize if this question has a solution elsewhere: I tried, but could not find it.
I have several WD drives, both internal and external:
Internal BLACK Hybrid 2TB
USB 800 GB (reports as ELEMENTS, but it’s the size of a pocket drive)
USB 2 TB MyBook
Network MyCloud Duo

DISCOVERY “sees” all of these except the internal BLACK.

My question is, "What hardware and/or software does DISCOVERY actually see and report on? Is it only WD External drives and associated programs?


@MrC1946 The following can be found in the Knowledge Base. Hope these links help.

Thanx for the links cat0w, but I had already looked there. While I am ASSUMING (which I don’t like to do) that WD Discovery does not work with internal drives, I didn’t find any reference that definitively stated that, thus my question. And the reason I asked in the first place, is that I thought I remembered Discovery did indeed see my internal on my old computer (however, I admit, my memory could be in error).

@MrC1946 Try the new community and see if it will answer your question about WD Discovery.


I’ve been trying to find this out as well. I have a MyCloudHome and when I first installed WD Dicsovery several months back it listed all of my internal WD drives. I have 2 WD Blacks (2tb) and 1 Blue (1tb). WD Discovery recently had an update and now it no longer lists any of these drives, it only shows the external MyCloudHome. Seems like an issue with the software if you ask me. I have Windows 10 latest revision.

Good to know! I THOUGHT my internal WD Black was originally listed. I now have a different computer, but moved that drive to the new system, and Discovery still doesn’t see it.