What are the things I need to get up an running a "WD My Cloud - Personal Cloud Storage"?

I have a plan to run WD My Cloud device as a server to run our company intranet. Is it possible? We already have a local area network setup and our computers are run by Windows 8.

Please help. Thank you!

This is not a commercial implementation … How many computers will connect? Future Growth?

Hi PJPfeiffer thanks for the quick response. We are planning to connect around 30 computers. And we are ready to purchase any extra accessories if needed…

I strongly suggest that you consider the WD business line
I’m pretty certain that the personal My Cloud will be totally inadequate for your situation

No. The single bay My Cloud is a basic/simple network attached storage device (NAS), it is NOT a web server in the traditional sense. Officially you cannot run a “web server” in the traditional sense from a My Cloud.

Unofficially, it may be possible, depending on the firmware version (typically the older v4.x versions) of the My Cloud, to install an alternate firmware version that would allow for running a traditional web server. Doing so however most likely violates the My Cloud Warranty.

Note that the hardware (processor/RAM) used by the My Cloud is low powered and is at times taxed by the basic NAS/remote access/media serving functions of the My Cloud firmware.

If you need a NAS to run a web server you should look at more full featured NAS devices that offer such options.

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Just a reminder that this is a user forum, not WD Support. We don’t care how much you intend to spend… But you should probably look to spend more money on a commercial/business device, not a consumer NAS like the basic MyCloud devices.

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