What Are The Current Apps For MyCloud

I installed WD MyCloud about 2 years ago. I recently gave my system (Win 10Pro) a “Fresh Start” and it seems the apps I originally installed are no longer relevant. I reinstalled “WD Discovery” but when I open this app and click on “I have a My Cloud Device” I get an error “Your Device is Not Supported”. When I enter my account email and password I get an error message. I can only get to my files by clicking on link to “files.mycloud.com” by entering the same credentials. Is there a more straight forward way of access my files through the MyCloud web interface?

I also have WD Access which is opened in System Tray, but when I select “Open” nothing happens. I can get to my dashboard by clicking “settings”

There used to be an app “WD MyCloud” but that seems gone.

Thanks to help by several members I was able to connect to my files through File Explorer and map a drive letter. But I still don’t have the same functionality in File Explorer that existed before my Fresh Start. For example the file folders no longer appear under storage devices (only by accessing through the mapped drive)

My question is - is this all that is left? It seems like a fragmented approach. I would prefer one unified app that allows me to access all functionality through one interface. As I described, many of the features are no longer functional or appear to be deactivated.

I did check the download section. I have the most current version of WD Access. WD Discovery is no longer offered. The remaining offerings don’t seem relevant to my needs. Specifically, I don’t need WD’s redundant backup utility (I’m using File History) or WD Synch. Is this an orphaned product in the WD lineup?

Looking for some color commentary and discussion to get the most of my investment. Thank you,

See the My Cloud Support Download section for supported apps.

Generally for local network access to a My Cloud device one does not need to install any apps. They can use Windows File Explorer for file access and their web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard to set the various features/options of the My Cloud.

If one is having trouble seeing the My Cloud in Windows File Explorer it’s possible SMB1.0 was disabled via a recent Microsoft update to Windows 10. The following WD Support document details how to reenable SMB1.0 so the My Cloud will show up in Windows File Explorer.

If one wants to use the old My Cloud Desktop program they can download it via the following links:
Windows: http://download.wdc.com/nas/WDMyCloud_win.exe
Mac: http://download.wdc.com/nas/WDMyCloud_mac.dmg

Bennor, thanks for quick reply. Good to know WD MyCloud is still functioning. Is it possible to access files (in addition to Settings) through WD Access? Strange that you need portions of three different apps to accomplish three different functions:

WD Discovery to locate and move files over web interface
WD Access toopen Settings
WD MyCloud to access files through desktop interface.

I’m guessing this is just the result of intermittent product development.

BTW, I deactivated SMB in Windows again as a test without any loss of functionality (for now).

Thanks for your interest,

I don’t use WD Access with a single bay My Cloud (first gen v4.x firmware). I don’t use remote access for the most part as I generally keep it disabled. When need remote access to a family member’s My Cloud, I do I use either the MyCloud.com web portal, the Android WD My Cloud app, or the WD Desktop app for Windows. For local network access to the My Cloud I use Windows File Explorer on my Windows PC’s or a file manager app (ES File Explorer) on my Android devices.