What a disastrous forum look

I signed up few days ago in this forum and sorry i must say it is disastrous to post here. I dont know where to start… i use Android mobile device
first, when i write a message the text field jump so high on the screen that it is not possible to see what am i typing in the moment. It is not possible to move the text field down, so i have to hide the keyboard to look on the text. Unfortunatly i can not send you screenshot because i dont see any option to attach it ???

Second normally when you click on a url link the address in the address field of the internet browser changes and displays the actuall url address. But when i click URLs on this forum the adress remains unchanged unless i open an link in a new tab by long-press on the url. But the fact that the url address doesnt change brings me every time baxk to the last url page i had opened BEFORE i open the WD forum for the first time, when i want to backward the history , I hope you undersand me… for ex. I have now open the side google.com. Now i open the WD forum page from my favorite pages in the browser. Then i click on a topic to read, the kn my profil, then on settings and so kn. BUT when i then press the backward button to go one page back I get dropped on google.com (the last psge i had opened before i started browsing on the WD forum).

Now i am too tired to remember me about other displaying issues but i have the feeling that the forum is not mobile-device-friendly

I dont see the bar with the text edition icons above the text field.
I dont see way to edit a just posted topic from me

Are you having such issues?

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It looks and works fine on an older iPad which I am using to reply to you.
I prefer using a PC for forums though, because of my poor vision.

I am talking about Android… can other user confirm this?

I’ve reduced the size of the input field for typing replies in portrait view. That should give you some ability to scroll the topic. However, there isn’t much I can do about the android keyboard in landscape. It is what it is. Obviously, you won’t be able to use landscape mode for typing replies in smaller android phones.

As for the back button on the phone. I’m not having that issue. My back button takes me directly back to the last page I was on.

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