Western Digital WDC WD7501AALS Black dosen't get over 200mb speed in Raid 0!

Hello !

I have two WDC WD7501AALS in Raid 0 and no matter what i do set or change they don’t ‘‘want’’ to go over 200mb/sec when i test them with Hd tune here i made i video with the results i get:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZbtOJ_2Ly0

I’ve seen others on youtube and they pass 200mb with no other modifications… My configuration is : Asus Maximus Formula SE with ICH9R,4Gb Ram DDR 1066, E8500 cpu,  Win. 7 x64 OS…! Any advise for me ?  Can the Hard drives performe over 200mb ???   Thank You !


There are so many factors which contribute to or can effect maximum and sustained throughput in any given configuration.

-RAID BIOS version

-Rev of ICH9r chipset

-Drivers Version used on controller

-Stripe Size

-Firmware version of the disks

-How the MB manufacturer chose to implement bandwidth on the north and southbridge

-Type/amount of installed memory

You are certainly on the right track if looking at interleave size and enabling vs. disabling write caching.  Take a look at your controller poperties.  Do you see any options for NCQ?  If disabled, try enabling this, restart and retest.   

I think your numbers are respectable.   

Thank you for the replay !

 They are all up to date,my stripe size is 128kb wich i think is the best for me,firmware of the disks i don’t know it and how to update it to :slight_smile: but it writes on them they are made in sep.2009… !

 i think i will leave it like this until WD makes SSD drives :slight_smile: with big capacity !

You shouldn’t be using a Caviar black in a RAID. You need to get an enterprise level drive. WD’s are called RE (Raid Edition) drives. The RE3s and RE4s are the current ones they are making.

Thank you for the replay !

I’ve seen some reviews of the RE3 HDD’s and i don’t  think there is a diference in performance,as for the power consumation or noise i’m not really intrested in that …my intrest is speed . I can’t test my self the RE3 series from WD but from what i’ve read …there is no diference in speed ! Check out my video if you want: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHtJtKSw2ws   i was a little angry when i’ve seen Seagate 7200.12 in raid 0 but i’m Ok now :)  until i will afford 2 Velociraptors 300Gb  or some big capacity SSD drives cose i’m sure SSD will be very Cheap some day !  What do you think of my speed ?  You think RE3 with 500Gb minimum will beat that ?


Don’t be overly concerned with maximum burst speed.  You want smooth, even, sustained, performance.  This is the true metrics you should be basing your system performance on. 

Thanks :smiley: