Western Digital WD15EARS & WD10EACS Drives

I currently have two WD10EACS 1tb Drives. These drives have 32mb cache and use legacy 512-byte sectors. I am looking at replacing the 2nd Drive in my system with 1.5tb WD15EARS. This drive has a 64MB cache and ues use a new platter format, which is known as ‘Advanced Format’. Instead of using legacy 512-byte sectors, these new drives are prepared in 4KB blocks (of eight sectors). Will these drives work OK together.

The new drive will be used for backup disk images & storage. I would hate to make a back up only to discover that it wasnt compatible in case of a restore

Actually they will sir at 100%

And keep in mind that this advance format is for windos xp. Versions above windows xp don’t need the advance format since they work at 4k

What about Windows 2000 - can I use the Advanced Format drives there? (I partitioned, formatted and aligned a WD20EARS on WinXP SP3 - can I safely move that to a Win2K machine without issue)?