Western Digital Passport Portable 250GB USB 2.0 2.5" WD2500XMS-00 DMailer Sync problem

I’ve owned the drive since maybe 2009 but never used it much. I bought it at Costco. I have a need now so I pulled it out 2 days ago and kicked it off on a machine I had backed up back in 2009 running Windows XP.  Amazingly, the backup data was still there so I ran Dmailer Sync version 9.1 from the root of the portable drive and ran a sync.  It worked flawlessly. I now had a full back up of my files and my emails.  

Here’s where I got into trouble. The machine I am running this on is a MAC with a Window’s XP instance running under Parallels.  The backups were done on the XP instance.  I opened up a MAC window and checked if I could find the back up files.  I viewed them and confirmed I could see them on the MAC Window.  I “ejected” the drive on the MAC window.  Plugged the drive back in the USB and went to access it using DMailer again on the XP window. DMailer promptly told me my 30 day trial was up and I need to enter my licence key and “Activate” the program.  Trouble is that I’ve no idea what my licence key is or was.  

Program name : DmailerSync_9_1_18359.exe  

I assume at original purchase I had a key but maybe not. I read in the other notes on the board that running the program off the root of the drive (main directory) should bypass the need for licence code reentry. 

Got any ideas? The drive still works just fine.  DMailer doesn’t know it’s owner any more. Any help would be appreciated.

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Dmailer Sync is a 3rd party application that used to be bundled with first and second generation WD Passports. It is distributed and updated by a company named Dmailer.

If they are unable to provide you with re-activation instructions, then I’d recommend using a different backup or synchronization utility with your WD Passport. Microsoft SyncToy for example, is free.

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