Western Digital not so Smartware?

I have just re-organised the files between the various drives on my PC and the NAS drive and have tried to delete the backup I have of the main storage on my PC to start again since many of the files have been removed to free up space.
However Smartware does not appear to have a delete backup option and the only instructions I could find stated I should delete the backup folder form my USB drive. However having done that I could not persuade Smartware that the files had been deleted and when it finished backing up my drive showed I had around 250K files totalling 2.2Tb backed up with 1.4 (instead of around 140K files totalling 340Gb) Tb free space on my 1.8Tb drive!
The only way I could persuade Smartware to backup and show the true position was to uninstall and re-install the Smartware software. There does not seem to be any other option. Surely there has to be a better way of doing this - the manuals do not give me a clue, other than there is a “delete backup” option for some drives, but it seems not for mine (I looked on the settings tab and the button was missing).

@neilthera You don’t say anything about the computer you are using, but, on my Windows PC’s both with OS 10 I would find what I wanted to delete in File Explorer, select it, then using the red X (DELETE) in the ribbon at the top click on it to delete. See example image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I amuaing Windows 10, but I think you have misunderstood my issue. It is easy to delete folders from the PC using explorer, but I amtrying to start a completely new bacuo using WDSmartware i,e, delete the entire backuo from my USB drive and start again,. The WDsmartware software does not appear to hae a delete backup option. I have tried deleting the “store” directory from the drive ans Smartware reckognises there is spare space, but continues from wehre it was with details of the backup i.e. I previously had around 250K files backed up totalling 1.7TB, have vreated a new backup of around 120K files totalling 330Mb, but Smartware tell ne I have 240K files backed up totalling over 2Tb on a 1.8 Tb disk!

The only way I could ersuad Smartware to show the correct details after creating the new backup was to uninstall and re-install the Smartware software. Surely there must be a better way if doing this. The manuals are no help.

@neilthera What WD device do you own? I have two WD My Clouds, a 1st and a 2nd generation. On the 1st generation I have had to create new backups when I bought my new computers. I first retrieved what I had backed up to my new computers and when that was completed I deleted the old backups, probable the way I showed you in my first post. I do have the desktop app on my computers too and I am able to delete items/backups that way too. See image below.

I am using a MyPassport Ultra USB drive for my backups rather than a MyCloud device. I cannot delete the backups using the desktop application. I tried to delete the backup using Windows Explorer as you showed in your first e-mail, however while the WD Smartware desktop application recognised that the backup had been deleted in one sense because it showed 1.4Tb free space on the drive, it showed that I had backed up 350K files and over "Tb on a 1.8Tb drive. The screenshot below shows the correct drive info after I reinstalled WD Smartware.

According to the manual, t here is a delete backup button for some drives on the settings tab, but that does not appear for me - see below.