Western Digital Not Detecting in My Computer

Helli All

I have WD5000ME external harddisk, from Nov’10 it stopped detecting in My Computer. I have contacted WD India Support center via Phone in November for assistance, they told possible only for replacement. I have raised RMA on Dec 24th but still now no one replaced hard drive, i have called several times almost daily once to send person to pick faulty HD and replace. everytime customer care executive tells new answer, they will send by End of Today. I lost patience by hearing same words again and again. i have raised new RMA via web, then they collected HD, its been 3weeks but still now i hasnt get my new HD. Still they are telling the same answer with in few business days they will shift the HD but not providing docket number.

I strongly recommend not to buy Western Digital HD if we are shfting outside US. i have bought it for >$100. I never expected such a worst customer care from WD.

Hi dude… It looks to me like very very very very very very bad luck…

I live on the Dominican Republic and never had issues replacing a dead drive o.o