Western Digital My Book Essential problems.Smartware problems

the help feature says that i can go in settings and turn off password protection but when I select it nothing happens.Using smartware on my two month old wester digital my book essential 2 TB 3.0 2.0 usb.I have tried selecting it but nothing happens.what is the deal.is this drive broke already.Should I stop using WD products.

Hi there, you’ll only be able to turn off the password if you created one.

Go to settings> drive settings (set up drive)> security.

If you do have a password, then you’ll see that it asks you for it and then gives you the option to change it or remove it, then “update security settings”.

It will give you the blank “Set security” page asking you to choose a password (Verify and hint) along with a warning in case you forget it. If you see this warning before or after the option to change or remove it, then you don’t have a password, as the warning is only seen when you are creating one.

I never set up a password for it but yet its asking me for one and its locked.I cannot unlock and I cannot get my information back.