Western Digital is no good

Do not buy western digital…My brand new drive dies within 3 weeks and after they sent replacement, i could not retrieve my data.  I tried to send them both back for refund but they said it was past the 30 days and they would not refund…now im stuck with this new WD drive and I have NO faith it will last.   If you wanna buy one of these cheap, let me know.  You can have my POS real cheap!

Eat me WD!!

Miro-B is succccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk.

I bough 1TB HD SE edition,  it had Micro-B is terrible design and it’s so slimzy and very hard to connect and disconnect, Something is wait about to happen when try to disconnect the whole thing want to pop out with the cable.

micro USB muchhhhhhhhhhhhh better for feature HD.

I won’t buy this product if I know Micro-B was on it.

oh my god i just brought WD elite last week on friday :frowning: when i open the box the usb cable is not working , I live in pakistan,islamabad  and i dont know what to do now?? i mailed WD for cable replacement they arent replying me … what should i do ??? wud they replace my cable ?? i havent used the HDD at all its pin packed , the first time i tried to connect it with laptop and it dint worked ,

wht to do :frowning:

Micro-b to mini USB adaptor fit nicely into that space will work like a charm… since a disappointment design. 

the micro usb cable used by WD is “special” I think it has the data wired connected, whereas other micro usb cables, like the ones used in cell phones do not. Be careful, not any micro usb cable will work with WD. It’s nice that WD chose to adopt this new standard and others as well, when there doesnt seem to be a consistent standard cable wiring configuration.