Western Digital HDD'd - the worst hard drives

I have purchased a 500GB HDD about 6 months back and it was not working from day 1…, I raised a complaint and it wqas replaced after 4 months. To my surprise, I got a different HDD which had scratches., but I decided to use it, however I see that the new HDD is also defective. its been 2 months now that the customer care guys are telling me they will replace it…, but no one does…,

Please do not buy WD products., their Customer Care is bad…,


Not to me :slight_smile:

Neither to me , I LOVE WD !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

guys be you can help me…suddenly that quote was appearing on my screen and my passport was not working. I have read somewhere here to uni stall it and then reinstall it but now it doesn’t give the opportunity to install it…i can not find it anywhere but the light on my passport is on… which indicates that is working. Furthermore its working on other pcs…what is the problem mates?