Western Digital Essential Edition My Book USB 2.0 1T Help! - Power Source Gone

It seems that I accidently plugged in the wrong power adapter into my WD which means my drive isn’t working now.  I am assuming there was a power surge maybe and the power provided by the case is blown. I have two questions:

  1.  Is it possible that the case power is blow and it can be repaired and do you offer another external casing that I can buy on your site for model number #WD10000H1U - 00 1 T My Book Essential Edition USB 2.0. If so, how do I purchase the casing?

  2. What is the harddrive inside this model? Is it a serial ATA or parallel? I looked up all the specifications, and I can’t find anything about what type of hard drive is within.

3 )Repair what are my options if it is out of warrenty? I have had this drive since 2004, I am hoping the drive still has the contents and that it is just needs power but where do you suggest I go from here!

The only person who knows much about this is fzabkar. Check out his posts. He has guided people through bypassing a burned diode. Or you can try sending him a PM.